- Career/Academic 
- Building Sexual Intimacy
- Mental Health Disorders
(i.e. Schizophrenia,
Bipolar, Personality D/Os)
- Relationship Issues

- Substance use

- Parent/Child Dynamics
- Adolescent Challenges

- Post-Traumatic Stress

  Disorder/ Other Trauma

- Divorce Adjustment

- Loss/Grief

- Anger Managment


Your best possible day . . . every day.

Laura Thorsten

- Anxiety 

- Depression

- Social Skills/

  Communication Skills

- Everyday Life


-Low Self Esteem

Intimate Understanding of Real-life Choices.

It is important to remember that each counselor/psychotherapist brings something unique and special to the therapeutic table.  That said, not every client or couple will be a good “fit” for Ms. Thorsten.

If Laura believes she cannot help someone who comes to her for counseling, she will be happy to refer out to one of her many professional contacts.  This referral will also take place if Ms. Thorsten believes the challenges at hand lie outside of her competency range.

Areas of Concern Addressed Include:

For Whom:
Adults, Adolescents, and Couples